Ma R&D thèmes

Ma R&D personnelle, ce sont des articles que j’ai rédigés afin de creuser des thèmes clés pour le coaching. Ils se basent en général sur des interviews que j’ai réalisées. Puissent ces histoires vous inspirer.

Étiquette : Knowledge management

World cafés, a great dialogue tool to use as well within organisations

The World Café is a conversational process based on a set of integrated design principles that reveal a deeper living network pattern. I personally find world cafés a great tool to create dialogue across  organisational silos, give to people the opportunity to share experiences and co-create solutions. Technical solutions like Wikis, and even social medias are one step towards effective knowledge management, but only one step and only a technical tool. People need to exchange in person! Source: See on – The future of work and collaboration

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