Ma R&D thèmes

Ma R&D personnelle, ce sont des articles que j’ai rédigés afin de creuser des thèmes clés pour le coaching. Ils se basent en général sur des interviews que j’ai réalisées. Puissent ces histoires vous inspirer.

Étiquette : myself

The biggest competition is myself

Done? While there’s not necessarily a “correct” answer here, it’s most likely you split the bugs into four clusters. The spiders in one cluster, the pair of snails in another, the butterflies and moth into one, and the trio of wasps and bees into one more. That wasn’t too bad, was it? You could probably do the same with twice as many bugs, right? If you had a bit of time to spare — or a passion for entomology — you could probably even do this same with a hundred bugs.For a machine though, grouping ten objects into however many meaningful clusters is no [...]
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